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Lakewood Ranch Community Fund

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A fund that embodies the true
meaning of ‘community’

The Lakewood Ranch Community Fund was founded in 2000 based on an idea that to create a true “community,” rather than just a place to live, there needed to be a soul. That spirit was in the form of an avenue delivering support to people who might need a helping hand, providing culture where it’s sparse and addressing other dire needs that would surely arise over time in Lakewood Ranch.

A realization occurred – many of the community’s needs might go unseen. And when looking around at the rapid growth regionwide, it’s hard to imagine a neighbor suffering amid new houses under construction.

The Lakewood Ranch Community Fund was designed to both highlight and help unlike any nonprofit in the area. Our charitable organization provides a vehicle in the community for residents, businesses and more to make investments that ensure peoples’ needs across the community are addressed – even if those aren’t yet readily apparent.

Our sole purpose has been and continues to be devoted to enhancing the lives of people living in Lakewood Ranch and the surrounding eastern areas of Sarasota and Manatee counties. The Lakewood Ranch Community Fund lives here, gives here – and it’s just for you.


Our History

The Fund, in early 2021, received its own 501(c)(3) exemption after spending the past 20 years of its existence working closely with the Manatee Community Foundation to achieve its mission. Just like students graduating and setting out into the world on their own journey, the Fund’s new exemption marks a new beginning for an organization with more than two decades of history.

From its inception through December 2020, the Fund granted over $1.4 million to some 100-plus nonprofit organizations to directly improve the lives of Lakewood Ranch residents.

Those who donate time and treasure to the Fund largely do so as part of a broader giving strategy.  While many people use the Fund as their sole philanthropic outlet, some have pet causes. However, they also want to ensure they are doing what they can for their community. These people will often direct a portion of their donations to the Fund to guarantee that they are making a real impact.

our mission

The Lakewood Ranch Community Fund enhances the quality of life in and near our community by promoting philanthropy, responding to community needs and granting funds.