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Lakewood Ranch is now the nation’s fastest-growing multi-generational community and the needs of those who live here are broadening as our region continues to expand. The Lakewood Ranch Community Foundation strives to identify those needs and change lives through charitable giving that focuses on enhancing education, human services, health, animal welfare and the arts. Our organization is firmly embedded in the Lakewood Ranch region – and your generous donations are awarded to nonprofits, grants and volunteer initiatives that live here, too.

There are several options for giving to The Lakewood Ranch Community Foundation that are not only tax deductible but create a stronger heart and soul within our region that impacts everyone. One-time donations are a single gift awarded to Lakewood Ranch-based nonprofits of your choice. Recurring donations, which more than 40% of donors worldwide choose when they decide to give to various causes, are set up as monthly contributions of any size. Our organization also gratefully accepts legacy donations – gifts committed through your estate plan that name any nonprofit or grant as a beneficiary.

Funds can be established out of nearly any donation, such as cash, stocks and bonds, real estate, life insurance policies and business interests. Donate today and create a better community tomorrow!